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Rosie, in all her bright, plush pinkness, dominates Bender’s (The Three Billy Goats Gruff) generally dark-hued watercolor-and-pastel paintings. One spread, featuring Rosie striking a pose in a pot of springy hollyhocks, is a real giggle-getter.
Publishers Weekly

Jan Carr’s Swine Divine pairs Robert Bender’s whimsical pig illustrations with the fun story of a very pink pig who is bathed and brought before TV to act like a ham. Hilarious and fun.
Children¹s Bookwatch

Alliteration and onomatopoeia abound as do rhyming pairs of words and cleverly used cliches. And all the way through, in an almost glow-in-the-dark pink, Rosie is charming and adorable and true to her slop-swallowing, mud-wallowing self.
El Paso Ind. School District


It was a pig-perfect morning. As the pale, pearly light broke over the quiet farm, Luke carried a bucket of swill to the sty. He spilled the swill into the big tin trough. Rosie ate her fill.

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