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Never Eat Anything that Moves

Robert Bender contacted schools across the country and asked thousands of kids what sort of advice they thought other kids (and some grown-ups) should know. A lot of the answers came from firsthand experiences: “My head has learned that a softball doesn’t live up to its name.” Others had more mysterious origins: “Don’t put a bee on a leash.” (?!) These kids helped Robert come up with what he thinks is the best advice of all: “Listen to kids they know what they’re talking about!” And . . . even if you’re really hungry, never eat anything that moves!


Never let your dad set a mousetrap near the shower
Del Champion, age 9 If you hide a magazine under your bed, don’t let your mom clean your room. Shawn Gowin, age 12 I wish that someone had told me that my brothers would like to wear makeup.
Marian Yoder, age 9 1/2 Before you use the excuse “My dog ate my homework,” make sure you have a dog.
Mariel Solomon, age 10
There is no passageway to the center of the earth, and if there were, your brains would blow up because of the heat.
John Marchello, age 9 Never swallow a firefly, or you might get electrocuted.
Evamarie Bello, age 10 If you cry a lot, you won’t pee as much.
Allison Scott, age 8 Don’t stick a Tic Tac up your nose (it burns).
Felicia Singleton, age 12

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