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Collaborators Robert Bender and Christina Bothwell
In all the years that Christina and I have been married, our artistic paths have overlapped and complimented each other.  Although our styles and visions are quite distinct, there are certain things that run parallel.  Christina enjoys using surreal elements to portray the spirit, and a connectedness that may go beyond our material world, or even lifetime.  I enjoy using surreal elements to make comments on the beauty and humor of being human.  Making sense of some artistic renderings logically may be difficult, just as trying to make sense of a dream.  In our dreams we bring forth symbols to represent and tell a story about our lives.   We are both bringing forth seemingly disparate elements to tell a story in our art.  And just as in a dream, the interpretations are subjective and multi layered.  They both bring us closer to our true selves, dreams and art.