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Barnyard Song

“A bad case of flu turns the farm animals’ harmonies into a cacophony of wheezes and sneezes. A playful read-aloud with a square-dance cadence and deeply saturated, warm-and-fuzzy colors.”
SLJ’s Best Books ’97

“If you are looking for a noisy, participatory book for story and laptimes, this is the book for you. Green’s rhyming, mewing, cockadoodledooing text rollicks along with animals sounds that just beg for a group voice. Bender’s medium—animator’s paint on acetate backed with black paper—has a transparent quality that makes the colors positively glow…Use this one the next time you want to hear “ACHOO!” echoed in chorus.”
The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

STARRED REVIEW—”In prose reminiscent of the “Old MacDonald” song, Greene develops an amusing story…Bender’s full-page illustrations are rendered in animator’s paint on acetate. Bold, funny, and slightly askew, they feature silly animals with exaggerated teeth, eyes, and shapes. They provide humorous details, such as a box of tissues and a hot-water bottle in the barn. Very young children will respond to the rhythm and rhyme and enjoy identifying the animals. Older preschoolers will giggle at the altered sounds and be reassured by the message of love and caring. A storytime winner.”
School Library Journal


“On the farm on the hill on a blustery day,
Farmer was a-humming and storing heaps of hay.
The animals were singing all their usual notes
in their usual voices, in their usual throats . . .”

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