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“If five-year-olds ran publishing companies, there’d be a lot more books like Bender’s (A Little Witch Magic): funny, breezy stories attended by preternaturally bright illustrations, shackled by no adult agenda whatsoever…Pencil, vinyl animator’s paint, and black paper collaborate in making these zany creatures seem as though they could pop right off the page.” —Publishers Weekly

“This amusing variant of a classic pattern is sure to tickle the picture-book crowd, who can chime in on the mounting list of body parts and will especially enjoy the author’s comically expressive illustrations with their bold areas of vibrant color outlined in fuzzy-edged black…Good fun” —Kirkus Reviews

“Bender’s dark-edged, brightly colored animals look sillier and sillier as features of previous meals pop out of their bodies, and what five-year-old wouldn’t love a book about belches?” —Booklist

“The vivid, full-color artwork, its bold shapes outlined in blurred black, has just enough of a gross-out factor to appeal to young readers. The repetitive text and striking illustrations will makes this fun for storytellers with a taste for the unusual” —School Library Journal


The next day the frog woke up with two antennae on his head, plus six tiny little legs on his underbelly. When he leaned over his lily pad to spash some water on his face…

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