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A Little Witch Magic

“More than a ‘little witch magic’ is exerted by Bender’s spellbinding art, distinguished for its lush, luminous, almost otherworldly colors and its playful compositions.”

Publishers Weekly

“A satisfying brew of mischief averted spiced with mildly gruesome details of the witch’s hosuehold….Bender’s illustrations are sure to grab the attention of young listeners.”


“Children will be drawn by the visual impact of Bender’s hauntingly beautiful illustrations. His medium here, an acetate surface and vinyl paint, will be welcome in his future work…it does have a certain magic, especially in its illustration.”


“It was the children’s favorite night too. They were all excited about their costumes — but Wanda was especially thrilled. She couldn’t wait to wear the big pointy hat that topped off her witch’s costume. Maybe this year she could even convince her friends to go to Broomhelga’s house.
After supper the children ran through the neighborhood, yelling “Trick or Treat” and collecting lots of candy.
Finally they reached the deserted street where Broomhelga lived.
“I dare you to go to the witch’s house!” cried a little ghost.
“There’s no such thing as a real witch,” insisted a little mummy. “Is there?”
“Sure there is,” said Wanda. “But I’m not afraid. I’m a witch too!” With that, she marched down the street, dragging her broom. The others followed hesitantly.”

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