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I make sculpture by combining cast found objects and the human figure.  In college there was a hard line dividing the “commercial arts” and “fine arts”. In commercial art my goal was to work within the parameters of the problem to be solved, while in fine art I sought the purest form of expression from within. In editorial illustration I used those constraints to focus my creativity.

I bring this history and experience to my endeavors in glass sculpture.

I am drawn to the concept that we are always in a state of becoming:  Moving toward something unseen and unknowable, yet magnetically drawn.  I long to connect with what is greatest and alive.  In this transformation I reach for a vocabulary to articulate this process.  My palette includes cast objects and vessels from the everyday world.  By changing their context, these common objects take on new meaning, inviting the viewer to connect.

In my heart, the remnants of editorial problem solving remain, except I am no longer illustrating text. Instead I comment on observations of the heart.